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#Regram #RG @worldeconomicforum: Science hasn’t given up hope… #greatbarrierreef #climatechange #ocean #maketheworldabetterplace #wef
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Grateful for the firefighters risking their lives to get people to safety in SoCal. Support @CAFireFound here: cafirefoundation.org
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#Regram #RG @greenpeace: @CristinaMittermeier, Antarctica / Icebergs, along with polar bears, have become another “canary in the coal mine”, warning us that urgent action is required. My name is Cristina Mittermeier (@cristinamittermeier), and I have made it my life’s work to tell the story of our world’s oceans. Drilling for oil, expanding oil pipelines, and failure to listen to what science that is telling us, may have irreversible consequences on the planet. If we are going to reverse climate change, the time to act is now. Every other breath we take comes from the sea. Our planet is made up of more than 70% ocean, and while we, as a species, have done significant damage, there is still time to make things right.  My partner Paul Nicklen (@PaulNicklen) and I are taking over Greenpeace International, and Greenpeace Canada’s (@greenpeace_canada) Instagram feeds. We formed @Sea_legacy four years ago to change the narrative of the world’s oceans from a negative one, into a positive one. As advocates for a healthy ocean, we stand with those opposing tar sands and all of the risks that they pose to our planet. . . . #OceansNotPipelines #instagramtakeover #igtakeover #Greenpeace #resistpipelines #NotPipelines #StopKM #resistance #tarsands #environment #nature #river #ecosystem #IndigenousRights #Canada #BritishColumbia #TurningTheTide #salishsea #getfishfarmsout #climatechange #inspiration#climatechange #activism #inspiration #resist
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#Regram #RG @protectbearsears: Please Share! #BearsEars has been home to Hopi, Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute, and Zuni people for countless generations. We are committed to defending Bears Ears National Monument. You can #StandWithBearsEars at utahdinebikeyah.org/defend-Bears-Ears/
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Proud to support the #PalauPledge, a new conservation initiative for visitors to this beautiful island. Written with the help of Palau’s children, every visitor must pledge to heal and secure the natural environment for future generations. Watch this clip from #BeforetheFlood and visit PalauPledge.com to learn more.
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#Regram #RG @oceana: Without conservation laws like the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), the future for dolphins, whales, seals and other marine mammals could be bleak. The MMPA safeguards these important animals from harmful human activities such as oil and gas exploration. Don’t let special interests risk these vital protections. Tell Congress to #DefendMarineMammals and #StandForOceans by following the link in our bio. 📸: Alex Perez #ocean
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#Regram #RG @sierraclub: BREAKING NEWS: Trump just announced plans to shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. He doesn’t have the authority to shrink national monuments, but that apparently won’t stop him from trying. This land grab is illegal, and we'll be seeing him in court. While Trump hears from our lawyers, Congress needs to hear from you! Go to sc.org/monumentsforall and tell them to stand strong in protecting our public lands. #monumentsforall #nature #wildlife #publiclands #nationalmonument #nationalmonuments #protectbearsears #bearsears
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#Regram #RG @mattiasklumofficial: Two elephants during a meet and greet session near a water hole in Tembe Elephant Park, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Elephants with big tusks are increasingly hard to find due to the ongoing poaching for ivory. Help save the elephants by supporting WWF and other conservation organizations! My partner @irisalexandrovand I will soon leave South Africa but we are already looking forward to returning! #mattiasklum #elephants #africa #tembe#wwf #peaceparks #iucn #conservation @natgeo @alexandrovklumofficial@irisalexandrov @thephotosociety @mattiasklumcollection
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พฤ. ที่2 at 5:31am
#Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines: What is life in a forest where the water has been poisoned? For more than half-a-century the Kofan, Siona, Secoya and Waorani peoples of the Amazon have lived downriver from Ecuador’s largest oil fields, which have contaminated their rivers and creeks and gravely impacted their health, while enriching the oil industry and providing fuel for the automobiles of modern society. Today, oil companies continue to pollute rivers and streams while using the allure of access to electricity to convince remote indigenous communities to allow these companies deeper into their territories. We believe that building indigenous-led solutions to these threats is fundamental to ensuring the autonomy and empowerment of the oldest guardians of the Amazon rainforest. Learn more about our solutions-driven projects at: https://buff.ly/2mR8Ftc
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#Regram #RG @nature_org: Symon Masiaine, one of five local pastoralists on Team Twiga, citizen scientists who are managing a network of 30 camera traps, track giraffe individuals interact local communities and their camels at Loisaba Wildlife conservancy in Northern Kenya. Reticulated giraffe number less than 8,700 individuals— as a distinct species, it makes them some of the most endangered large mammals in the world. Until now, scientists and the world had only recognized a single species of giraffe made up of several subspecies. But according to the most inclusive genetic analysis of giraffe relationships to date, giraffes actually are not one species, but four. Current estimates are that giraffe populations across Africa have dropped 40 percent in 25 years, plummeting from 140,000 in the late 1990s to about 85,000 today.—Photo by @amivitale #camels #giraffes #africa #local
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พฤ. ที่29 at 6:25am
#Regram #RG @wwf: Image by @EverydayExtinction contributor @adriansteirn There hasn’t been a more dangerous time to be a pangolin (Pholidota). The species has become the most trafficked mammal in the world. They are illegally traded for their scales, as bush meat or for medicinal purposes. But the threat of their extinction rarely makes news. An organisation in Zimbabwe aims to change this by educating the public about an animal many may not know even exists. Enabled by the @TikkiHywoodTrust, a group of men dedicate their lives to rehabilitating captured pangolins. They are entrusted with caring for animals that have endured major stress, often having been transported many kilometres bound in a sack, starved and dehydrated. Eight species of pangolin exist, four Asian and four African, all appear on the IUCN Red List, ranging from endangered, to critically endangered and vulnerable, all eight of the species' populations are decreasing. With the depletion of the Asian populations, poachers have redirected their efforts to Africa. For more information or to assist visit: http://www.tikkihywoodtrust.org/ #EverydayExtinction #Conservation #Biodiversity #Pangolin #Scales #Africa #Asia #Zimbabwe #Poaching #Extinction #Trafficking #Endangered
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พฤ. ที่26 at 5:05am
#Regram #RG @sea_legacy: Photo by @simonagerphotography //Salmon farming has become a human rights issue in British Columbia, Canada. Indigenous people who have asked the industry to leave their territories for the past 30 years, are now occupying the farms because they no longer have enough wild salmon in their rivers to provide food for the winter. Marine Harvest and Cermaq have ignored them and continue to ignore them, going as far as to attempt to evict them from parts of their own territories. The current occupation of Midsummer Island fish farm by members of the Musgamagw Dzawda’enuxw lasting almost 80 days was ordered to an end by the Supreme Court in Vancouver yesterday. To add insult to injury Marine Harvest will be allowed to restock the farm with more diseased salmon smolts and continue decimating the marine eco-system of this coast. The occupation of Swanson Island by the Namgis Nation remains at this time. #turningthetide#getsalmonfarmsout #justinpjtrudeau @johnhorgan4bc @bcndp

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